March 2019

5G - Friend or Foe??

5G in Five Minutes:  The following video highlights the look and feel of 5G and what is to come.  There is no research on the effects of 5G on humans or the environment including insects, birds, animals or plants.  There are no safety measures in place for this technology.  The human race and the planet are guinea pigs for corporate gain, money, power and control over humanity.  Take a look......

The following two articles were written by Jeremy Naydler for New View Magazine out of Great Britain and are published here with the author's permission.


5G: The Final Assault.  This article was published in New View, 90 (January – March 2019). pp.33-40.  []


Radiation, Robot Bees and 5G: The Nightmare Unfolds. This article was first published in New View magazine, issue 85, Autumn 2017, pages 19-25.  []

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