Working with the Planting Calendar

Interview with Heart & Soil Magazine

The following video is an interview that appeared in Heart & Soil Magazine's December 2021 issue.  Natalie Forstbauer, publisher of Heart & Soil Magazine engages with Rosemary Tayler and Kathryn Aunger, creators of the Celestial Planting Calendar to help readers and users of the planting calendar understand the unique colour coding and how to work with the calendar.


Heart & Soil Magazine is the guide to regenerative farming and gardening for soil health and your health. Increase your yields, wellbeing, and global regeneration through a bounty of tips and tools.

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With a focus on soil, inputs, plants, food, and people, Heart & Soil contributors are experts, farmers, scientists, and gardeners from around the world.

Each issue includes video interviews, farm fresh recipes, gardening hacks, health in a hurry, art, and hot harvests to share. 

Written for the expert, the activist, and the curious, the Heart & Soil Community is a rich and resourceful network of uplifting connection and powerful impact.

Heart & Soil Magazine is committed to global regeneration and planetary health.

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Beginners Guide to Working with a Planting Calendar

The following video was created to provide an introduction to working with a planting calendar referencing the cycles of the Moon as it passes across the zodiac belt.  Each zodiac constellation is associated with a specific element of either fire, water, earth and air, which translates into four plant groups of fire/fruit, earth/root, air/flower and water/leaf.  Learn how to work with the colour coding in our calendar and apply it to planting and harvesting to enhance your food vitality.


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