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March 5, 2021
In Memory of Hugh Courtney by Rosemary Tayler Having travelled twice to Woolwine, Virgina for training in biodynamic
December 27, 2020
by Peter Fuller When I first moved to the three acres which would eventually become my native plant nursery, it was
December 27, 2020
by Jaspal Singh Chattha Barrel Compost is cow manure mixed with basalt powder and crushed eggshells, inoculated with
December 27, 2020
as given by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, circa 1938 by Hugh Courtney Keep the Horn Silica (BD501) powder in any dry, sunny
December 27, 2020
By Hugh J. Courtney Among the many mysteries which Rudolf Steiner presents in his Agriculture Course, one of the

On-Line & Distance Learning, Lectures & Workshops

Biodynamic Education is available through the following sources:

Crossfields Institute, United Kingdom offers a University Degree as well as a Master Degree in biodynamic farming and gardening backed by a hands-on learning component.

Biodynamic Association, Australia offers webinars, workshops, lectures, access to educational resources and farmer training.

Biodynamic Association, United States offers webinars, lectures, access to educational resources and farmer training through selected and accredited educational farms and farmers.

Earth Legacy Agriculture, located in Woolwine, Virginia, USA.  Hugh Courtney offers on-site educational workshops on biodynamic preparations and applications.

Josephine Porter Institute located in Floyd, Virgina provides educational workshops and events which promote the use and application of biodynamic preparations.

Pfeiffer Center, loctated in New York State.  Practices, teaches and promotes biodynamics through educational courses, workshops, and internships at all levels of experience and interest.

The Nature Institute in New York State.  Offers workshops and events that support biodynamic farming and gardening practices.

Rudolf Steiner Centre, California, USA offers education, lectures, and hands on learning.



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