Water Consciousness

by Rosemary Tayler, Celestial Planting Calendar 2018

Much like homeopaths and biodynamic prep makers, Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) held a fascination with water to such a degree that he believed water had memory and healing powers. He claimed its quality could be influenced by certain external factors. Over many years he developed a healing technique called HADO (Healing and Discovering Ourselves) which he claimed was “the energy or vibration inherent in all things.” To visually demonstrate this belief, he refined equipment to take photographs of water crystals obtained from a variety of pure or contaminated of water sources and crystals of water exposed to specific English or Japanese words. Gradually these teachings were compiled into several books which were translated into some 23 languages.

In his book The True Power of Water, Emoto asks, “Do you know your consciousness has the ability to change water? When you send your gratitude to water, its quality improves.” 

In his book, Love Thyself, The Message from Water III, Emoto asks another question: “How can we know how the power of prayer works?  I can’t explain the mechanism.  The only thing that I can say with confidence, is that when it works in the water, it actually alters its structure.  This means that we’ve proven that physical energy can change in accordance with our wishes. I’ve become absolutely convinced of this after carrying out so many experiments where we’ve prayed over water and actually transformed its crystals into more beautiful forms.”

Hiromasa Emoto, Masaru’s son, offers the following insights about the water crystal experiment at Fujiwara dam in 1998: “The dam water was polluted, but because of a healing prayer, the water really changed. Even the surface of the dam water started to look clear. The sample was taken to the laboratory and his staff looked at it through the microscope; there was one amazing and stunning water crystal found. [see image below] I am sure that this water crystal image really changed my father’s life.”
Sending thoughts of love and gratitude for water is a teaching for which Mr. Emoto is remembered.

Rosemary Tayler - Writer, Editor

Rosemary has a background in biochemistry, marine biology (MSc) and alternative medicine, in particular, homeopathy. She has also extensively studied astrology. From 2000 to 2015 she devoted time to establishing community gardens, composting and organizing local food markets in Ottawa, Ontario.

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