Tree Meditation

by Alanna Moore, 2019 Celestial Planting Calendar

The following meditation develops one’s ability to become sensitive to nature, while balancing one’s own energies.  This meditation brings enhanced balance of the Earth and Sky forces.

Sitting under a friendly tree, first having gained its permission, visualize that you are reversing space with it.  While breathing slowly and deeply, imagine your body as the trunk, your arms as branches reaching up high to touch the Sky.  Feel the sunshine on your leaves, the breeze in your branches.  Visualize your spine stretching downwards through the ground, becoming roots that travel deep down and spread out in all directions, connecting with other roots and fungal networks.  Let your roots reach further down, deeper into Earth’s core, to the transformative, vitalising power that begins to rise up into your field of awareness.

As you breathe in, visualize that the energy your tree/body is collecting from the Sun is being brought down the trunk/spine into your heart center.  At the same time, Earth energy is drawn up the trunk/spine from deep down, with both streams meeting in your heart.  On the out breath, visualize this energy radiating outwards in all directions, cleansing and revitalising your tree and yourself.  When you feel complete, slowly open your eyes, give thanks and come out of this meditative state. 

Adapted from Alanna Moore’s book Plant Spirit Gardener, available for purchase at

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