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Introducing the 2024 Celestial Planting Calendar!

Dear Fellow Gardeners and Farmers,

After nine years of producing the Celestial Planting Calendar, Earth Haven Learning Centre has turned over the publishing rights of this calendar to Heart and Soil Magazine, an online quarterly magazine dedicated to regenerative farming and gardening. The link for the 2024 edition is as follows:


or http://www.planting-calendar.com

☆ BONUS Includes a link to download the monthly charts for quick access on the go (check your email from connect@heartandsoilmagazine.com!) 

We thank all the dedicated gardeners and farmers for their ongoing support and commitment to the Celestial Planting Calendar. We feel certain that this loyalty will continue and even be enhanced and spread farther as Heart & Soil Magazine prepares and distributes the 2024 edition.

About the 2024 Celestial Planting Calendar

The 10th edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar celebrates 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture, with clear monthly charts based on the teachings of Maria Thun. For the beginner or the expert, work with cosmic influences to make planning easy and enjoy increased yields. With detailed astrological calculations, key planetary aspects, solar and lunar rhythms, biodynamic prep application timing, and a reverence for interconnectedness, ancient wisdom is presented in a structured format for your convenience. World-renowned biophilic artist Diane Epstein illuminates the splendor and power of nature. Each month is a work of art. Size has changed to a 12” x 12” as a hanging wall calendar format.

To all of our wholesale customers, Heart and Soil Magazine, will be able to supply your bulk orders by emailing connect@heartandsoilmagazine.com

Order Your 2024 Celestial Planting Calendar Today:

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How to Work with the Celestial Planting Calendar

The following video is an interview that appeared in Heart & Soil Magazine's December 2021 issue.  Natalie Forstbauer, publisher of Heart & Soil Magazine engages with Rosemary Tayler and Kathryn Aunger, creators of the Celestial Planting Calendar to help readers and users of the planting calendar understand the unique colour coding and how to work with the calendar.


The following video was created to provide an introduction to working with a planting calendar referencing the cycles of the Moon as it passes across the zodiac belt.  Each zodiac constellation is associated with a specific element of either fire, water, earth and air, which translates into four plant groups of fire/fruit, earth/root, air/flower and water/leaf.  Learn how to work with the colour coding in our calendar and apply it to planting and harvesting to enhance your food vitality.


Heart & Soil Magazine is an on-line publication.  You can check it out and subscribe at this link.


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