Weekly Update, June 15, 2020

Lunar Look at the Coming Week from the Celestial Planting Calendar Team

Monday, June 15, 2020

The waning Moon is in Pisces, a leaf sign with ascending forces.  The air quality is wet and damp.  This is a good time to plant lettuce, cabbage, kale and other leafy greens that tend to bolt.  It is also a good time for mowing lawns, setting fence posts, watering plants in the greenhouse and out in the gardens.  It is also a good time to harvest nettle.  Some biodynamic people use dried nettle as a compost preparation.  This is an unfavorable time for preserving all fruits and vegetables and for painting outdoors as the air quality is too wet and damp.

Tuesday, Wednesday, June 16-17, 2020

The waning Moon is in Aries (fruit sign) with ascending forces.  The air quality is warmth and fiery.  This Moon time is beneficial for anything that grows fast and is used immediately.  It is also good for sowing/planting beets, turnips, carrots, that is, underground fruiting vegetables.  In general weeding and mulching are best done on a waning Moon.  Cut back plants that have finished flowering such as comfrey.  Compost these cuttings or use them as mulch.  Spreading compost in veggie gardens is also best done on the waning Moon.  It is also a good time to process milk into cheese, butter and yogurt.  Other beneficial chores include painting outside (warmth & fiery qualities), setting fence posts and preserving.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, June 18, 2020

On these three days, the waning Moon is in Taurus (root) with ascending forces.  The air quality is cool and earthy.  Taurus is a good sign for doing anything that requires a little extra strength.  Plant root vegetables such as potatoes.  Start or turn over a compost heap.   Combat underground pests.  As the Moon is waning, weeding is useful.  Taurus is good for building anything outside such as garden sheds or solid, rooted structures, and or harvesting anything for drying such as herbs and flowers.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The June Solstice occurs at 5:43pm EDT.  The North Pole of the Earth is tilted toward the Sun, and the Sun reaches its northern-most position in the sky.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

The New Moon at 3am EDT is followed one hour later by the Moon moving into Gemini.  As the Moon crosses the Sun’s path two before the New Moon, an solar eclipse occurs.  This eclipse is an annular solar eclipse as the Moon is presently too far away from the Earth for its shadow to completely cover the Sun.  This results in a ring of light around the darkened Moon.  This eclipse is visible in central Africa, Saudi Arabia, northern India and southern China.  Its effects are felt worldwide and is a good time rest and meditation.

Sunday, Monday, June 21-22, 2020

The waxing Moon in Gemini brings with it descending forces as the Moon has reached its nodal point and is starting to descend lower towards the horizon.  This is a favorable time for nurturing and planting climbing and creeping plants such as melons and cucumbers, combating above ground pests, pruning young fruit trees as needed such as lilacs.  This pruning is done after they have flowers and helps set their buds for next year and makes them bushier.  It is a good time to clean out barns and harvest fruit and veggies for drying. 

See Lorraine’s Instagram page on how to grow “no dig potatoes.”  Lorraine piles up grass clippings and stray and places potatoes in those mounds.  Sprinkle coffee grinds on top and around the pile to help prevent rust. (

 This weekly forecast is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom first set out by Rudolf Steiner and then elaborated on by Maria Thun.   Lorraine Schmid of Thyme Again Gardens has incorporated these teachings on her farm in South Eastern Ontario.   She offers these tips for improving plant quality and work-related efficiency in gardens and farms.   While these tips relate mostly to northern temperate climates, they have a more universal application.

by Rosemary Tayler and Lorraine Schmid

Copies of the 2020 Celestial Planting Calendar and a wide range of books on all aspects of farming and gardening can be purchased on-line at

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