Weekly Update, July 20, 2020

Lunar Look at the Coming Week from the Celestial Planting Calendar Team

Monday, Tuesday, July 20 & 21, 2020

By 2pm the Moon has moved into Cancer and has entered into the New Moon phase.  This waxing Moon in Cancer is associated with the element of water and the leaf part of plants.  The air and day quality is damp.  This is a favorable time for mowing lawns and pruning hedges if you want to slow their growth.  It is also conducive for watering all plants, dowsing for a well and combating above-ground pests.  In terms of dealing with above-ground pests, It is a good time to pick off horn worms from tomato plants and/or applying nettle tea (steeped for 24 hours in water), applying nettle tea to deal with aphids.  Plant or sow leafy vegetables but not lettuce, as we are in a waxing Moon and lettuce grows better in a waning Moon.  Cut back leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard and kale.  Preserve and store away all kinds of vegetables.  Pinch off plants that grown for their leaves such as the herb basil.  This is an unfavorable time for painting outside, planting anything that wants to grow tall, trimming fruiting trees and shrubs, and preserving and storing all fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, July 22, 23 & 24, 2020

Now the waxing Moon is in Leo until Friday at 8am.  Leo is associated with the fruit part of plants and the fire element.  The forces are descending with the plants main activities withdrawn into their roots and creating a beneficial time for transplanting.  The air and day quality is warm, fiery and dry.  Of the three fruit/fire signs, Leo brings with it intense Sun and heat.  This is a good time for sowing grains, cereals and cover crops.  It is also a good time to pinch off suckers from tomato plants and to plant vegetables that are highly perishable such as zucchini and cucumber.  Leo is associated with the heart and so it good to gather herbs that strengthen the heart such as motherwort and hawthorne.  It is unfavorable for weeding, making sauerkraut (it will dry out too quickly), painting outside and adding soil enhancements, such as compost and mineral supplements which may tend to burn the plant if applied at this time.

Friday, Saturday, July 24 & 25, 2020

By noon the Moon has moved into Virgo, however, it comes closest to Earth (perigee) around 1am on Saturday, July 25, creating an unfavorable 24 hours (from 1am on Friday to noon on Saturday) for gardening and farming. 

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, July 25, 26 & 27, 2020

From noon on Saturday until 2pm on Monday, the Virgo (root) waxing Moon with descending forces offers an air quality of earthiness and coolness.  Try closing your eyes outside and smelling that earthy smell.  Virgo Moon time is excellent for planting and sowing.  Plant single trees that are meant to grow tall and plant shrubs that are meant to grow fast.  Transplant or repot indoor plants, seed lawns, spread compost, combat in-ground pests.  This is an unfavorable time for removing anything that should not grow back such as poison ivy.  It is also unfavorable for making pickles, preserving, fermenting and storing vegetables.

Monday, July 27, 2020

By 6pm Monday the waxing Moon has moved into Libra, a flower constellation, with descending forces.  The air and day quality is airy and light.  Libra tends to be a more neutral sign.  You don’t know what is happening nor what is going on.  The Moon in Libra offers a suitable time to move animals into new pasture.  The animals are more content to stay there; they adjust better.  This is also a good time to sow or plant flowers and medicinal herbs.  You can occasionally add nutrients to plants that no longer flower properly.  It is unfavorable to cut the grass for animal feed and to cut firewood.

 This weekly forecast is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom first set out by Rudolf Steiner and then elaborated on by Maria Thun.   Lorraine Schmid of Thyme Again Gardens has incorporated these teachings on her farm in South Eastern Ontario.   She offers these tips for improving plant quality and work-related efficiency in gardens and farms.   While these tips relate mostly to northern temperate climates, they have a more universal application.

by Rosemary Tayler and Lorraine Schmid

Copies of the 2020 Celestial Planting Calendar and a wide range of books on all aspects of farming and gardening can be purchased on-line at

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