Weekly Update, April 20, 2020

Lunar Look at the Coming Week from the Celestial Planting Calendar Team

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19 to 22, 2020

Moon is in Pisces until 1pm on Wednesday, April 22nd with the New Moon on Wednesday evening.  Pisces is a leaf sign and the Moon is waning with ascending forces.  The quality is damp and cool.  The ground does not easily dry out.  This is a good time to plant your lettuces and other green leafy veggies such as Swiss Chard.  Planting leafy greens at this time reduces their chance of bolting.  This is also a good time to water house plants and irrigate the garden.  It is good for cutting the lawn if you want the grass to grow slowly.  Also a good time for setting fence posts.  It is unfavourable for cutting and pruning fruit trees and preserving and canning fruit.  As the air feels cool and damp outside, avoid outdoor painting. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 22 to 24, 2020

The Moon transitions into Aries after 5pm and stays there until Friday, April 24th at 1pm.  With the New Moon coming in late on Wednesday, we now have a waxing Aries with ascending forces.  Warm days will prevail.  This is a favourable time to seed and plant anything that grows fast and ready for quick use such as tomatoes.  It is a good time to thin out beets and carrots.  This is an excellent time for planting fruit trees and shrubs.  Waning Aries is favourable for cutting damaged branches.  The air flow is warmer so you can paint outside.  It is also good to plant grains.  Every type of milk processing is beneficial such as making butter, yogurt and kefir.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, April 24 to 27, 2020

From Friday, April 24 at 5pm until Monday, April 27 at 1pm the Moon is in Taurus (root) and it ascending and waxing.  Taurus brings cool and earthy qualities.  This is a good time to plant trees and shrubs if you want them to grow tall and slow.  It is not a good time to plant onions as the Moon is waxing.  Onions are best planted anytime when the Moon is waning.

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Moon crosses the Sun’s path from 10am to 3pm.   This sensitive time is better spent on doing shopping or other chores than gardening.  After 3pm the Moon moves into Gemini (flower) and it changes position in the sky from ascending to descending.   Now is a good time to plant and seed any climbing or creeping plants and flowers.  It is also a good time to combat pests above ground.  It is a favourable time to add a modest amount of compost soil to plants as a fertilizer, but do not add too much as you will invite aphids.  It is also a good time to clean out the animal dwellings and shelters.

This weekly forecast is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom first set out by Rudolf Steiner and then elaborated on by Maria Thun.  Lorraine Schmid of Thyme Again Gardens has incorporated these teachings on her farm in South Eastern Ontario.  She offers these tips for improving plant quality and work-related efficiency in gardens and farms.  While these tips relate mostly to northern temperate climates, they have a more universal application.

by Rosemary Tayler and Lorraine Schmid

Copies of the 2020 Celestial Planting Calendar and a wide range of books on all aspects of farming and gardening can be purchased on-line at

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