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November 10, 2019
by Jeremy Naydler This article was first published in New View, 93 (Autumn 2019). Has the Digital Revolution Gone
October 16, 2019
by Rosemary Tayler Grasp the Nettle: Making Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Work by Peter Proctor with Gillian Cole
August 21, 2019
by Gary P. Caton, 2019 Celestial Planting Calendar At the heart of the Celestial Planting Calendar’s methodology
August 21, 2019
by Hugh Courtney, 2019 Celestial Planting Calendar Whenever we use any of the biodynamic agricultural calendars, one

"I received your calendar today and wanted to tell you how nice it is.  I didn't realize you are in Canada when I ordered. It's nice to see dates given for the preparations."
~ Jeanne Maki, PEI, Canada 2016

"The planting calendars were a big success!  I could have sold double what I brought.  There were so many positive responses, people really appreciated and recognised the hard work you all contributed.  They commented on the artwork, the information, the ease of use and the colours. I brought my 2015 with me also and a long time Anthroposophist sat down to look through the calendars and compare them, my husband said he was very impressed with the whole calendar. (he also purchased one). This was a day I did not expect, I answered questions and passed out information for 3.5 hours straight.  What people I could not speak with my husband graciously took over... he was only there to drop me off and he stayed the whole time. I am very pleased we chose to do this. Thank you for your beautiful, thought provoking and helpful guide."
~ Carol Dromey, Ontario, Canada 2016

‘’J’aime bien ce calendrier lunaire, il est un bon mariage entre celui de la France (équipe Thun) et celui de Kimberton (US).  Nous utilisons rarement le calendrier de France car il n’a pas le bon fuseau horaire pour nous… En biodyanmie depuis 1990, nous travaillons avec celui de Kimberton qui se complète bien avec le Calendrier Celestial Seasoning qui est très coloré et sous le même format. Nous aimons beaucoup lire leurs intéressants textes à chaque mois, c’est pourquoi nous achetons les 3. Merci de cette belle présentation. Sera-t-il un jour en français?’’ 
~ Anne et Arnaud Ferme Cadet Roussel, Quebec, Canada, 2016

"What a joy to open this year's Planting Calendar and leaf through the beautiful pages month by month.  Once again I find it filled with invaluable practical information laid out in a very readable manner.  The ancient wisdoms are an added bonus.  Last year's calendar was a constant companion, and I'm sure this one will be too.  Thanks for continuing this important work." 
~ Angela Bourne, Ontario, Canada, 2016

"Thank you very much for the calendar.  Your team have done a grand job.  Wonderful artist too."
~ Brian Keates, Australia, 2014

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