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Starting Seeds (978-1612121055)

Starting Seeds: How to Grow Healthy, Productive Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers from Seed (2013) by Barbara W. Ellis
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Product Information

Get a jump on the gardening season! In this Storey BASICS® guide, Barbara Ellis provides the basic information that you need to start a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Ellis shares simple, proven techniques for sowing seeds, managing indoor plants, and creating proper growing conditions so your seedlings can thrive. Packed with expert advice suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners, Starting Seeds will inspire you to plant a seed and watch it grow. 


Starting Seeds walks you through everything you need to start in the endeavor of starting plants from seed in your front room, basement, greenhouse, cold frame, or kitchen window.

Starting Seeds is a basic guide to growing plants from seed, whether they're started indoors or out.

(Portland Book Review)

Starting Seeds is a basic guide to growing plants from seed, whether they’re started indoors or out.

(Portland Book Review)

A great how-to resource for self-reliance.

(Tulsa Book Review)

This book, part of the Storey Basics series, contains a treasure trove of information about starting plants from seeds in a book that is small enough to fit in a pocket.

(Charlotte Observer)

A fantastic resource for starting plants from seeds.

A step-by-step guide with simple but descriptive drawings, Starting Seeds should help the gardener from the moment the seed envelope is ripped open to setting out the young plants.

From the Back Cover

Exactly What You Need to Know

There are so many reasons to start your garden from seed! You'll love the exciting variety of available seeds, and you'll save money and enjoy greater control over the health of your plants. Barbara Ellis, an expert gardener and author of several books on gardening, offers practice, concise advice for sowing seeds, managing seedlings indoors and out, and developing schedules that ensure your seedlings are ready to plant when the weather is right. Starting Seeds offers everything you need to begin a thriving garden.

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