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Solar Electricity Basics (978-0865719255)

Solar Electricity Basics by Dan Chiras
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The indispensable guide to solar electricity systems for homeowners, business owners, builders, and students

Climate change and limits to fossil fuels compel us to find safer, more economical, and more sustainable ways to meet our needs for electricity. And, as more and more electric cars hit the road, we'll need to find a way to provide fuel that is clean, environmentally sustainable, and affordable.

With Solar Electricity Basics, author Dan Chiras offers a concise and up-to-date guide covering all the essentials. It explores:

  • How to size, cost, and choose the right system, including off-grid vs. grid-tied vs grid-tied with battery backup
  • Where to mount a system for maximum performance
  • What type of modules and inverters to buy
  • How to install and maintain batteries
  • Cost vs benefit for solar electric systems
  • How to connect to the grid, and what type of net metering your area offers.

Solar Electricity Basics is an indispensable guide for homeowners, business owners, builders, and students for figuring out solar electricity quickly and easily.


"Dan effectively takes the guess-work out of solar energy with simple explanations and instructions that anyone can follow. Just as importantly he presents all the options in a way that makes deciding which installation might best suit your needs. This is a must-read for anyone looking to make steps towards a resilient energy future."
— Oliver M. Goshey, founder and director, Abundant Edge

"Lucky for you, Dan Chiras strikes again. With his usual plain-spoken clarity, Dan makes a complex subject easy and accessible. The perfect guide for anyone to go solar!"
— Bruce King, author, The New Carbon Architecture

"Thinking of going solar? Even if you intend to hire experts to install your system, it helps enormously to know a little about the technology, and how to assess your site's solar resource. Dan Chiras is the perfect guide; he's enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and makes it all easy to understand."
— Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, and author, The End of Growth

"Dan Chiras is the man who launched a thousand rooftop solar arrays. Don't even think about dabbling in photovoltaics without Dan's guidance. Solar Electricity Basics, Second Edition is the essential go-to manual for getting a grip on the ins and outs of photovoltaic systems. Read it, use it, and harness the power of the sun on your home, farm, or homestead."
— John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors, ECOpreneuring

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