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So You Want to Buy a Greenhouse (978-1546516248)

So You Want to Buy a Greenhouse (2017) by Norm & Andrea Eygenraam
Product Information

"I should have known that I would get into this business when I was younger because the highlight of my birthday was always getting new pieces to my Mechano set. Now, I often describe these structures as big Mechano sets. It feels very fitting." Are you considering purchasing a greenhouse to start your own operation? Are you unsure of all your options and what you should know? Do you want to know what you're getting into? Using Norm Eygenraam's 45 years experience in the industry, we have created this book for you to help! Through illustrations, tips, stories, photos and more, we help you understand all you need to consider. We do use Multi Shelter Solutions examples throughout, as that is what we have easiest access to, but this is by no means a sales book. This guide is meant to inform you of your choices and show you key considerations in your planning journey. We have tried to make this book as informative as possible, no matter which direction you choose to go. Enjoy, and happy planning!

About the Author

Norm has been in the greenhouse industry for 45 years, manufacturing for more than half that. Norm worked at a nursery operation in his 20s, at a time when cold frames were manually bent steel around a tractor rim. Later he started selling structures with a manufacturer outside Grimsby, Ontario. In 1989, he started on his own, in Dundas Ontario selling greenhouses. As the need for variations arose, his focus turned to manufacturing. In 2005, he moved the operation to Palmerston and became Multi Shelter Solutions. The business focus has changed to include shelters for many more applications. Over the years he has seen and experienced quite a number of situations, that have helped contribute to this book that he created with his daughter Andrea. Norm thrives when he can teach and share his knowledge in any situation and appreciates the many opportunities he's had to do this.

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