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Seven Sisters (978-0993903557)

Seven Sisters and the Heritage Food Systems of the Wabanaki People and of the Chesapeake Bay Region, (2018) by Frederick M. Wiseman.
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This book tells the story of a remarkable seed chase that is combined with the reclamation of lost heritage of the Wabanaki people, their history and culture, and the rediscovery of their ancient agricultural technologies.  Also highlighted are ancient seeds from the Chesapeake Bay region.

This  7” x 10” full colour publication offers a compilation of numerous, heirloom seeds, along with photographs, descriptions and their origins.  The book also describes the ancient agricultural systems used by the Wabanaki people, as well as their agricultural ceremonies and calendar. 

A great book for seed savers and students of environmental and indigenous studies.

Frederick M. Wiseman, PhD - Trained as an archaeologist and ecologist.  Wiseman is devoted to the promotion of North American Indigenous  cultures and the preservation of their ancient agricultural practices and food systems.  Retired as Professor of Humanities at Johnson State College, he continues to represent Native American interests in New England, eastern Canada, the Chesapeake Bay area, Arizona and northwestern Mexico.


Fred Wiseman teaches much about agriculture and history, as well as the incredible potential that the sacred plants mentioned in this book have to heal our bodies, minds and land.   His red path is full of life lessons for all who choose to seek it out, and his retrieval of the sacred seed ancestors of his people will feed the generations to come.  - Teprine Baldo

Dr. Wiseman has eloquently laid out our cultural practices, seasons and meanings 
behind our overall food systems.  I like to refer to our culture as a giant jigsaw puzzle.  
The puzzle is complete and whole only when the different fragmented pieces are put back together.  I have found Dr. Wiseman to be a puzzle master with a unique way of finding the missing pieces to help the Abenaki experience come into better focus.
- Chief Don Stevens

It has perhaps been hundreds of years since the Paskestikweya have had access to these ancient seeds, and to find these seeds still exist is almost unbelievable. 
-  Natalie Chaokikupu Proctor.

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