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Organic Soil Fertility & Weed Management (978-1603583596)

Organic Soil Fertility & Weed Management (2011) by Steve Gilman, published by Chelsea Green Publishing
Product Information

Soil is a living organism that loves to cooperate with farmers and gardeners. A green thumb will appear on those who align themselves with its health and requirements. This book discusses:

  • Soil habitat

  • Sustaining soil fertility

  • The soil food-web

  • Nutrient availability and deficiency

After reading this book, readers will not only have a different view on soil, but on weeds as well. Knowing and utilizing the energies and characteristics of weeds, as Gilman teaches, will make for a more productive garden, and less stressful gardening.



This is a very informative publication, and as part of the series within which it is published, provides a very good start for new farmers and growers. As with all such publications, it can be biased, and of course it is always possible to be more thorough, but it gives a good starting point, which is its purpose, I believe.

About the Author

Steve Gilman is a NOFA member and a farmer in New York State.


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