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Magical Motherhood (978-0981031705)

Magical Motherhood (2008) by Brenda Hammond
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“Like a warm, comforting voice, whispering in your ear”.

You long to do the best for your child. There’s a wealth of information out there. But something’s been missing up till now. Something of vital importance. What is it? It’s a holistic view that takes into account not only the body, but the soul and the spiritual as well.

MAGICAL MOTHERHOOD, a Series of Letters to Cheryl on Becoming a Mother, brings together everything you need to foster your child’s potential. More, it brings guidance to help you grow into the most important role on earth: being a mother.

Stepping into this role can be scary. Do you have the inner resources it will demand? Inevitably, you look around and wonder, ‘Where is the world heading? To disaster? How can I provide my child with the strengths and abilities he or she will need?’

Here’s a secret. Our children come equipped with everything they’ll need. Your sacred task is to protect and nurture these latent qualities. The Letters to Cheryl will set you on your way.


About the Author

Brenda’s training in magical motherhood began in her childhood when she loved to play with dolls. Born on the gold reef of South Africa, she imitated and absorbed her own mother’s extraordinary gift for handling children with a gentle, quiet authority and guiding them with kindness. Soon after graduating from university she became a young mother herself and began to explore the question of motherhood further and deeper. She learned from Waldorf kindergarten teachers, teachers, other mothers and through constant studying and inner work. Most of all, however, her own four children and grandchildren opened her eyes and her heart, leading her to find creative, artistic and spiritual ways to bring health and happiness to our future treasure… our children.

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