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Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Childbirth (978-0968549919)

Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Childbirth (2007) by Rosemary Tayler
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Congratulations!  Real life stories throughout this book make the materia medica much more meaningful and alive.  I recommend this excellent and very practical guide to all those using homeopathy during pregnancy or childbirth. - Dr. John Diamond, MD, Reno, Nevada.

This book provides information about key remedies and how to use them safely during pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-partum months.  The challenge is to find the most suitable remedy for the individual and her specific circumstances.

This book is intended to support a co-counselling approach by helping the expectant mother to become knowledgeable about how the remedy is chosen, how it is taken and how it should work.  It will enable her to participate in her homeopathic program and discuss her concerns with her homeopathic practitioner in an informed way.

In the midst of the current revival of homeopathy in North America, Rosemary Tayler has taken up the challenge and started beating the drum.  She has gathered experience and information from various sources and presented them in a unique and comprehensible form. - Paul Sharda, D.H.S., Ottawa, Ontario

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