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Enlivened Rock Powders (978-0911311488)

Enlivened Rock Powders (1994) by Harvey Lisle
Product Information

The practical side of using rockdusts as fertilizers, compost enrichers, and plant growth enhancers is discussed in this exciting book. Beginning with an explanation of the spiritual, cosmic side of rocks and drawing from his extensive knowledge of biodynamic techniques and dowsing, Lisle explains how to utilize these materials in agriculture. Peppered with in-depth quotations from other writings on the forces within rocks.

About the Author

Although a former chief chemist at Brookside Laboratories, Harvey Lisle is also a pioneer in biodynamic farming. As a trained chemical engineer he stepped sideways enough to embrace biologically correct agriculture. These interests have taken him across the globe to such places as the agricultural lands of Belize, Eqypt to examine paramagnetic stone along the Nile and Australia where he interviewed the biodynamic author and practitioner Alex Podolinsky.

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