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Elderberry Book (978-0865719194)

Elderberry Book (2019) by John Moody
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Product Information

Your go-to guide for everything from cultivation to wine-making with one of humanity's oldest plant friends

Once a staple in homes across the world, and found along every highland, highway, and hedgerow, the forgotten elderberry is making a comeback. Its popularity as medicine is surging, its choice as an edible landscaping plant is growing, and its use for wine-making and crafts is being rediscovered.

Spanning history and geography, The Elderberry Book takes you on an adventure, deepening your appreciation of a plant that has played a crucial role across the world for thousands of years. Through this fun, inspirational, and educational resource, discover:

  • Elderberry's amazing history
  • Cultivating and foraging, from the balcony to the backyard
  • Various traditional food and medicine preparations
  • Simple wine-making techniques
  • Traditional crafts and tools.

This is the definitive guide to the many uses of elderberry; no matter where you are, one of humankind's oldest plant friends can provide you with anything from syrup to wine to dyes, and more.


"As a long-time cultivator of elderberry, for not only its beauty as part of my farm landscape but also for making pancake syrup and tinctures, I had a hunch there was plenty I didn't know. John Moody has given me a new set of eyes, plus the tools, recipes, and step-bystep how-to for utilizing every part of my beloved elder."
— MaryJane Butters Idaho farmer, author, and editor of MaryJanesFarm magazine, now in its 19th year, and author, Wild Bread

"John Moody remains one of the important voices in the modern homesteading and regenerative agriculture movements. With a style that blends practical knowledge with front porch philosophy, in The Elderberry Book you'll learn all the necessary information on how to use one of my favorite plants for food and forage, drink and medicine."
— Scott Mann host, The Permaculture Podcast

"The elderberry is a great plant to fall in love with; this book is its love letter to everybody."
— Samuel Thayer author, Nature's GardenThe Forager's Harvest, and Incredible Wild Edibles

"John Moody has done an excellent job in profiling the many aspects of the lore, cultivation and use of this amazing specialty fruit in an easy-to-understand but professional manner. Always a plant of the people, elderberry has been used for healing since earliest times in a diversity of human practices and preferences. As a practical guide for home or small farm production, this book a great place to start."
— Chris Patton Founder and President of the Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

"John dives into elderberries with the same enthusiasm he brings to the homesteading lifestyle. From plant to product, The Elderberry
has you covered. It was fun and entertaining to learn about new aspects of an old herbal friend, the elderberry."
— Laurie Neverman founder, Common Sense Home, blogger at

Book Description

Your go-to guide for everything from cultivation to wine-making with one of humanity's oldest plant friends

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