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2021 Celestial Planting Calendar (978-0993903595)

2021 Celestial Planting Calendar
Product Information

Introducing the 2021 Celestial Planting Calendar

The seventh edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar focuses on the interconnectedness in nature, with monthly charts based on the teachings of Maria Thun.  There are several interesting articles at the front of the calendar and a basic explanation of how these monthly charts are created at the back. The exceptional artwork by Aleta Karstad brings balance to the more scientific aspects of this year’s calendar.

The articles on fungi by Linda Harvey and lichens by Troy McMullin briefly explore the incredible value that these organisms bring to nature. With increased awareness, each of us can begin to discover and appreciate this hidden realm.

Lorraine Schmid’s article on Lunar Wood highlights the importance of harvesting quality wood by paying attention to the seasons, Moon phase and zodiac Earth signs.  These subtle yet significant tips are part of a time-honoured wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. The art of fencing by Alf Buffam also captures those oral teachings.

Titia Posthuma’s article reminds us how inclusiveness is a key component in nature. She takes the overall theme of interconnectedness and shares her stories that support this theme.

Glennie Kindred’s article on celebrating Earth’s solar cycles reminds us of how ancient cultures honoured these cycles and how in present time we can celebrate these key turning points.

Gary Caton’s two articles, one on Mercury’s six conjunctions with the Sun for any calendar year, and the other on eclipses, in particular the Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, enable a deeper understanding of the powerful influences of planetary alignments on agriculture.

As we grow our own food and follow the solar and lunar cycles, the more mindful we become of nature’s connections with the cosmos, thereby gaining a deeper appreciation for food and food vitality.

Multiple copies of the planting calendar are available to resellers at a discounted price.  Shipping charges will apply.  These calendars are great to sell at farmers markets, Seedy Saturdays, bookstores, and other farming and gardening events. 

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