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Small Space Garden Ideas (978-1465415868)

Small Space Garden Ideas (2014) by Philippa Pearson
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Small garden, tiny garden, or no garden at all? Small Space Garden Ideas is perfect for people who have very little room for gardening, whether a doorstep, balcony, or part of a wall. Get inspired to decorate your (lack of) outdoor space with more than 40 inventive projects to grow plants where space is tight.

From windowsills and hanging baskets to rooftop containers and vertical gardens, Small Space Garden Ideas explains each project step-by-step with clear instructions and photographs.


"Philippa Pearson's Small Space Garden Ideas is an archive of perfectly formed ideas for indoor and outdoor garden inspiration. Certainly the sky is the limit for Philippa Pearson and with some imagination and compost, there is no reason why one could not recreate their own private hanging gardens of Babylon." – New York Journal of Books

"Not only is the book packed with smart and inventive ways to make square-foot gardening feel lush and full, but she has plenty of ideas for ways to add colorful repurposed elements that deliver a flea-market-packed punch." – Cottages & Bungalows Magazine

"Keep your hand in the garden all winter with these clearly explained and temptingly photographed DIY projects." – Seattle Times

About the Author

Philippa Pearson is a Royal Horticulturalist Society (RHS) medal- and award-winning garden designer and gardening journalist who takes inspiration for her garden creations from the countryside, classical and contemporary architecture, and textiles. Her design portfolio covers many private gardens across the UK, and her colorful planting style attracts much attention from visitors, the media, and the photographers at RHS shows, and is greatly enjoyed by her garden design clients. Philippa enjoys the challenge of creating gardens in smaller spaces, as well as larger ones.

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