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Plant Spirit Gardener (978-0975778296)

Plant Spirit Gardener (2016) by Alanna P. Moore, published by Python Press
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Down-to-earth esoteric wisdom from Australian-Irish geomancer Alanna Moore. Everything a sensitive gardener needs to know to profoundly connect with Mother Nature, from the ancient art of dowsing (also called divining) to its application to gardening, improving the feng shui and co-creating with the devas – the fairy kingdom.

As well as giving the background of ancient folklore, there are scientific insights and descriptions from modern day clairvoyants to illuminate the spiritual realities of life and landscape. You can even use this book as a practical divining tool for learning to dowse, experience the other dimensional worlds and energetically enhance the environment. By following the suggested exercises and applying dowsing to the summaries, charts and lists provided for guiding your way, honing the intuitive faculties can be easy.

Self-discover and practice the fascinating art of gardening with the devas.

Gardening can deeply nurture our heart and soul, especially if we become aware of the invisible realms and want to be a co-creator with the spirits of nature. We can be shamans in our own backyards practising 'divine gardening' with the down-to-earth esoteric wisdom in this book, the eighth from Australian-Irish geomancer Alanna Moore. Everything a sensitive gardener needs to do to profoundly connect with Mother Nature is here. There are instructions for learning pendulum dowsing and its applications for the garden, with eleven charts and lists of information to dowse from. This unique reference book, a paperback of 206 pages, is full of universal and also highly personal insights. It is richly illustrated with 106 all colour photographs and nine line diagrams to help you discover and practise the fascinating art of gardening with the devas - the fairy kingdom.

Alanna Moore

Master dowser with over 30 years experience, Alanna helped to found the New South Wales Dowsing Society in 1984 and is now a patron of the Australian Dowsers Society. She is the author of seven books, has made 21 films and has produced several magazines about dowsing in Australia since 1982.

She has extensively traveled around Australia teaching dowsing and geomancy, and building Power Towers to enhance plant growth. Since 2000 she has been an international speaker and teacher, presenting in New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Holland, Poland, Sweden, UK and Ireland. Alanna is also a permaculture farmer and teacher specialising in ‘sensitive permaculture’ design.

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