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More Than Honey (978-1771640992)

More Than Honey (2014) by Markus Imhoof & Laus-Peter Lieckfeld, published by Greystone Books
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A wonderfully thorough immersion in the world of bees and beekeeping. More Than Honey leaves one with reverence for this six-legged miracle, and profound concern about the future it faces." ― Rowan Jacobsen, author of Fruitless Fall

A fascinating look at the increasingly perilous world of the honeybee―based on an award-winning documentary

The saying goes that without bees, humankind would only survive for four more years; these crucial pollinators are, indeed, worth more than honey. In More Than Honey, Marcus Imhoof and Claus-Peter Lieckfeld examine the history and current status of our relationship to and reliance on bees while exposing the human behaviors contributing to the decline of the bee population―a decline that could ultimately contribute directly to a world food problem. Illustrated with jaw-droppingly detailed photos of bees, More Than Honey is a fascinating, accessible overview of a species that is inextricably tied to our survival.

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