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How to Move Like a Gardener (978-0615636436)

How to Move Like a Gardener (2013) by Deb Soule, published by Under the Willow Press
Product Information

The book's 256 informative pages and more than 200 beautiful color photographs taken in Avena's garden embody Deb Soule's deep love and respect for the spirit of the medicinal plants, with which she has worked for almost forty years.

"This book is astounding! It is everything you want in a book about gardening: good solid practical advice, a spiritual connection to the earth, and visually beautiful. Deb has taken her twenty-five-plus years as a professional medicinal plant gardener and her life-time love of the earth and the plant people, and come up with something very special.This is a must-have book for anyone interested in gardening or the plant people. I promise you this book will be well read, well worn, and well loved. —Karyn Sanders, Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine

"Deb Soule is overflowing with the healing wisdom of the plant world distilled through many years of study, experience and observation. Her reverence and respect for nature and deep intuitive capacities are evident in every page of this book. What a gift! —Robert Karp, Director of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Assocoation

"Way beyond food, flowers, or medicine .... here is gardening as the mindful rhythm in harmony with all living souls." —C.R. Lawn, FEDCO Seeds

"Herbalist Deb Soule offers the reader a beautifully written, heart-centered gardening book that reads as much like a prayer as it does a practical guide for all gardeners, new and experienced; sure to awaken and inspire one to explore creative ways of tending the rich life held in a well-loved garden. The author shares wisdom gleaned through years of cultivating not only soil and plants, but also her research and work with the pollinators, biodynamic practices and favorite tools used in growing simple herbal remedies to nourish the gardener as they heal the Earth. Honoring traditions, ancestors and the sacredness of carrying on the work of the wise herbalists that came before us, Deb reminds us of the blessing of being called to this work!" —Kate Gilday, Herbalist, Woodland Essence.

"The reader will find this book endowed with glorious offerings of rich nectar. It makes me want to go out and turn the compost pile." —Richo Ceck, Horizon Herbs


  1. A gardener's Notebook
  2. Biodynamics: Agriculture i Service of the Earth and Humanity
  3. Living in Harmony with the Seasons
  4. Energetic and Elemental Associations of Plant Parts
  5. Growing, Harvesting, and Using Medicinal Herbs

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