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June 16, 2017
Book Review by Rosemary Tayler Published in 2007, the 155-page book, Sacred Stewardship: Regaining our spiritual partnership with the food we eat, by Charles Hubbard and Malki'el McCamis, presents a balanced approach to biodynamic farming.
February 7, 2017
Book Review by Rosemary Tayler Have you ever taken the time to notice how the leaves on a plant change shape from one leaf to the next as they appear on the stem and then transform higher up the stock into a flower and then later into fruit?
January 15, 2017
by Rosemary Tayler In my opinion, Jeremy Naydler has done a fantastic job compiling this well-organized, timeless classic of scientific writings by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe(1749-1832). At the outset, Naydler sets his intention by dedicating

Newsletter Posted - September 25, 2017

Dear Celestial Planting Calendar Customer,

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our 2018 Celestial Planting Calendar and this special discount offer.

Now entering its 4th year, the Celestial Planting Calendar continues to receive high reviews throughout Canada and the United States, from beginners to advanced practitioners, from backyard gardeners to farmers, and from grape growers to woodlot owners.

Changes in 2018

Earth Haven Learning Centre Inc. has assumed publication of  the Celestial Planting Calendar. The Learning Centre, established in 2016, has a mandate for education and the promotion of sustainable farming and gardening practices.  The Centre offers an online bookstore with a wide range of topics including biodynamics, permaculture, soil, composting, seed-saving, beekeeping, food preservation and natural livestock management. For more details visit our website,

New to our calendar team is Gary Caton, a well known astrologer, astronomer, forecaster and writer.  His deep love of nature fuels his enthusiasm for stargazing, astro-photography and undertaking the planetary calculations for this calendar. 

Highlights for 2018

The themes this year are water consciousness and relationships between the cosmos and earth’s weather patterns. Gary Caton’s articles on "SuperMoons" and "Retrogrades of Venus and Mars" bring a deeper sense of awareness and wonder to these ongoing planetary phenomena.

Dennis Klocek’s article titled “Celestial Meteorology,” offers a thoughtful introduction to this fascinating topic.

For those advanced biodynamic farmers and gardeners, we feature Hugh Courtney’s article on “Sequential Spraying,” a procedure to encourage or discourage moisture and rainfall. The times recommended by Mr. Courtney for these spraying procedures are included on each of the monthly charts. Working with the elementals is a major principle of biodynamics and it feels right to be reminded of this connection on an ongoing basis.

The 2018 calendar features unique landscape paintings with water themes by Kingston artist, Carla Miedema.

Special Customer Discount Offer

All orders placed through the website before
midnight October 31, 2017, receive a 20% discount before taxes and shipping. 
The unit retail price of $20 becomes $16 with the discount. 

CLICK HERE to order your copy NOW!

Note to Resellers

For existing resellers, we are honoring the same discount rates and shipping arrangements that were given in the past. 

Consignment orders will no longer be taken.  All orders must be paid for within 30 days and are considered final.

To purchase quantities of the 2018 Celestial Planting Calendar for resale, contact us at

To help increase sales, we suggest you refer your customers to the instructional video posted on our website. This video introduces the calendar to beginners and explains how it works.  For advanced users, there are research papers and informative articles from previous calendars on our website.

Our on-line bookstore features a wide range of educational books and previous editions of the Celestial Planting Calendar.

Our payment gateway is set up to accept PayPal, Mastercard or Visa.  

Anyone wishing to purchase by cheque or e-transfer use the CONTACT form and provide your name, address, phone and email information.

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