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Dear Celestial Planting Calendar Customer,

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our 2019 Celestial Planting Calendar and this special discount offer.

Now entering its 5th year, the Celestial Planting Calendar continues to receive high reviews throughout Canada and the United States, from beginners to advanced practitioners, from backyard gardeners to farmers, and from grape growers to woodlot owners.

Inside this year's issue: 

Our theme this year is trees—honouring them, respecting them, thanking them, having conversations with them, and caring for them.  There is an excellent article on windbreaks, another on tree paste, and sprinkled throughout are beautiful, vibrant paintings that capture the many moods and seasons in which trees grow.

Our goal is always to blend science with art, rather than isolate either or both.  Once again we offer suggestions as to when to apply Horn Manure (BD500) and Horn Silica (BD501) preparations.  These suggested times are based on positive planetary aspects and are by no means is it considered imperative to use on all the recommended days.  Just what works in your schedule.  Also included for each Moon cycle are suggested windows of time to apply Hugh Courtney’s Sequential Spray Program to attract water and deter water.

Gary Caton’s article on “The Sextile Aspect” offers an alchemical perspective into planetary relationships.  His article on the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius offers an historical background and insights into the nature of this stellium. 

Each monthly presentation consists of daily and hourly colour-coded charts of lunar placements in the zodiac as well as solar, lunar, and planetary interrelationships. 

The easy-to-read pictorials on the charts include lunar phases, apogee and perigee and lunar nodes. The reader can quickly catch on to how these elements influence plant growth and reproduction. Recommendations for applying biodynamic preparations (BD500, BD501 and sequential spray) are clearly noted.

The year's calendar features unique tree theme paintings by Joyce Burkholder which highlight the Algonquin Park area of northern Ontario.

This 40-page, full-colour, 13-month calendar consists of introductory and advanced articles and charts, designed for use in both northern and southern hemispheres.

Special Customer Discount Offer

All orders placed through the website before
midnight November 23, 2018, receive a 20% discount before taxes and shipping. 
The unit retail price of $20 becomes $16 with the discount. 

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Note to Resellers

For existing resellers, we are honoring the same discount rates and shipping arrangements that were given in the past. 

All orders must be paid for within 30 days and are considered final.  No returns.

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To help increase sales, we suggest you refer your customers to the instructional video posted on our website. This video introduces the calendar to beginners and explains how it works.  For advanced users, there are research papers and informative articles from previous calendars on our website.

Our on-line bookstore features a wide range of educational books and previous editions of the Celestial Planting Calendar.

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Newsletter Posted - October 20, 2018