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Homegrown Pork (978-1612121260)

Homegrown Pork (2013) by Sue Weaver
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Raising a pig for meat is easy to do, even in a small space like a suburban backyard. In just five months, a 30-pound shoat will become a 250-pound hog and provide you with more than 100 pounds of pork, including tenderloin, ham, ribs, bacon, sausage, and more. Homegrown Pork covers everything you need to know to raise your own pig, from selecting a breed to feeding, housing, fencing, health care, and humane processing. Invite all your friends over for a healthy and succulent pork dinner!

From the Back Cover

From Feeder Pig to Bacon in 5 Months

Pigs don't need a lot of space to thrive, and they're naturally tidy and easy to care for. Pigs are also an efficient choice for the backyard meat producer -- in just five to eight months, your little shoat will reach 250 pounds (depending on the breed you choose) and yield about 100 pounds of succulent pork, ready for curing, smoking, or freezing. Count on Sue Weaver's expert guidance to help you choose a flavorful breed, formulate a proper diet, and provide safe and comfortable backyard living quarters.

About the Author

Sue Weaver has written hundreds of magazine articles and many books about livestock, horses, and chickens, including The Backyard Cow, The Backyard Goat, The Backyard Sheep, Storey and The Donkey Companion. Weaver and her husband share their ridgetop farmette in the southern Ozarks with an array of animal friends.


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