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A Stormy Story (978-0993903540)

A children's story, based on true events, as told by Aric Aguonie with beautiful hand drawn illustrations by Maureen Walton, about the relationship between a cow and her caretaker.

32 page, full colour

Product Information

One stormy winter night, Stormy, a Scottish Highland cow, finds herself alone and stranded from her herd.  With the aid of her caretaker, she finds her way back to the herd and a new and special relationship with her farmer.

The author, Aric Aguonie, grew up with a First Nations heritage.  He has dedicated himself to a sustainable, biodynamic agricultural lifestyle, which maintains a small herd of purebred Scottish Highland Cattle.  For more about Aric and his cows, visit

The artist, Maureen Walton, is a very talented mural artist who's work can be seen in many schools, libraries and educational centres across Ontario. For more about Maureen, visit

A Stormy Story has been edited by Rosemary Tayler and is published by Earth Haven Learning Centre.

Comments and Review:

Your book 'Stormy 'arrived yesterday. It is lovely!  I took the details to the local library in Thornbury, as well as a local book store! They may be in touch to order copies!  Thank you for sending is a birthday gift for our granddaughter who is turning 5 on Jan the 14th. It is a wonderful children's winter story! ~ Nancy Griffin