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Terra Preta (978-1771641104)

Terra Preta (2016) by Ute Scheub, published by Greystone Books
Product Information

A thorough look at the many benefits of the ultra-fertile soil called terra preta and instructions on how to make it.

Terra preta, meaning “black earth” in Portuguese, is a very dark, fertile soil first made by the original inhabitants of the Amazon Basin at least 2,500 years ago. According to a growing community of international scientists, this ancient soil, sometimes referred to as biochar, could solve two of the greatest problems facing the world: climate change and the hunger crisis. This comprehensive book condenses everything we know about terra preta and provides instructions for how to make it. Both passionate and practical, the book offers indispensable advice for how to create a better world from the ground up.

Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Institute

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