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Drought Resilient Farm (978-1635860023)

Drought Resilient Farm (2018) by Dale Strickler
Product Information

Rainfall levels are rarely optimal, but there are hundreds of things you can do to efficiently conserve and use the water you do have and to reduce the impact of drought on your soil, crops, livestock, and farm or ranch ecosystem. Author Dale Strickler introduces you to the same innovative systems he used to transform his own drought-stricken family farm in Kansas into a thriving, water-wise, and profitable enterprise, maximizing healthy cropland, pasture, and water supply. Ranging from simple, short-term projects such as installing rain-collection ollas to long-term land-management planning strategies, Strickler’s methods show how to get more water into the soil, keep it in the soil, and help plants and livestock access it.


“Every farmer and rancher knows how valuable water is to their operation, but most don’t know how to get more value. This book spells out the tools and knowledge to capture that value more efficiently and store the resource on the farm instead in the Gulf of Mexico.” ― Steve Swaffar, Executive Director, No-till on the Plains

“For a producer to turn a profit, they must have a healthy, fully functioning soil ecosystem. The Drought-Resilient Farm is the blueprint for achieving successful results.  I highly recommend this book.” ― Gabe Brown, Rancher, Regenerative Pioneer, Bismarck, ND

“When farmers ask me for direction on cover crops or soil health, I point them to Dale Strickler.” ― Donn Teske, Vice President of the National Farmers Union

From the Back Cover

Protect Your Farm & Your Future

Defend and fortify your crops, soil, pasture, and livestock against inadequate rainfall, and even chronic drought, with strategies from a sixth-generation Kansas farmer and agronomist that will restore soil productivity through grazing, soil microbiology, and cover crops.

Dale Strickler shares the lessons he's learned while saving his own family farm from drying up, including installing rain-collection tanks, creating swales, and building retention dams. With Strickler's friendly advice and proven, innovative methods, you'll get more water into your soil, keep it in your soil, and help your plants and livestock access it.

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