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Book Clearance SaleWith the summer months in full stride and gardening/farming becoming increasingly popular in our rural areas here in Tweed, we decided it was time to share the wealth of knowledge on our library shelves here at our sustainable farm just outside of Belleville, and offer a 50% discount on select books! Located in Thomasburg, Ontario, our Sustainable Farm Learning Centre is full of practical gardening tips and tricks, unique planting strategies and educational content on sustainable planting. We are extremely busy during the growing season with the farm in full swing, so our online book store is open and ready for business to serve you! Whether you are looking for a local bookstore in the Quinte and Prince Edward County regions, or looking to support small businesses from the Toronto area, Earth Haven Learning Centre Inc. has the perfect selection for every curious or experienced green thumb looking for new educational material to up their gardening game!



At Earth Haven Learning Centre Inc., we strive to educate our audience on sustainable farming and exclusive gardening techniques. We also  provide them with the tools they need to understand their environment. We are not separate from nature, but rather a deep and integral part of it. This is why we, at Earth Haven Learning Centre, produce content that allows us, and our readers, to grow with integrity and to learn how to farm consciously. This means learning how to properly sense our surroundings, as well as how to grow within them. 

We must learn how to listen, see, touch and experience our ecological environment in a healthy and sustainable way! Interested in learning more? Explore Our Library online to discover the selection of books we have concerning:

Have you ever heard about the art of celestial planting? Currently at a reduced price, The Celestial Planting Calendar is an amazing ecological resource in learning about the cycles of the Moon, stars and planets, as well how they relate to your current planting season. Who knew these celestial factors had such  deep rooted effect on our planting process? 

Are you looking for a local sustainable farm in the Quinte area to gain practical and exclusive gardening and farming tips from? Do you want to learn more about sustainable living, organic farming, healthy gardening techniques and restorative farming practices that will level up your planting season in 2020? It’s not too late! Order your copy of our Celestial Planting Calendar today and learn how to garden using the rhythms of the Sun, Moon and stars!

Our quantities are limited and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to pick up their new favourite, summer reads, so make sure to take advantage of this sale while it lasts! Whether you are shopping our bookstore online or visiting our off-site location in Toronto, Ontario, our vast and unique selection is guaranteed to intrigue, educate and transform your planting season!

Not a book reader? You can also learn more about sustainable gardening and farming through our online Earth Haven Learning Centre blog or connect with us on our Celestial Planting Calendar Facebook page! Through these online platforms, we discuss detailed descriptions and practical steps for planting and maintaining healthy and sustainable planting practices.

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