Weekly Update, November 2, 2020

Lunar Look at the Coming Week from the Celestial Planting Calendar Team

Tuesday, Wednesday, November 3-4, 2020

The waning Moon remains in Taurus (root) with ascending forces.  The air and day quality is earthy and cool.  This is a good time to harvest medicinal roots such as burdock and dandelion.  Mulch your garden beds.

Depending on your micro-climate, with the Moon in Taurus, this may be the last time to turn your compost before winter sets in.  Be sure to apply the biodynamic compost preparations.  Harvest potatoes and carrots and prepare them for the root cellar by rubbing of excessive dirt.  Do not wash these vegetables, but place them in a bushel basket, lined and covered with newspaper.

Now is a good for repairing fences and setting in fence posts.  It is also a good time to pull up canna lilies, gladiola and dahlia bulbs; cut off the tops and wrap the root balls in newspaper and store them in your root cellar over winter.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, November 4-6, 2020

After 5pm EST on Wednesday, the waning Moon has moved into Gemini (flower).  The early part of Gemini is the nodal point between the ascending and descending forces.  The air and day quality is light and airy.  This is a good time to cut back annual and perennial flowers and add them to the compost pile.

Dust down and sweep out barns and livestock pens to prepare those places for winter housing.  Scrape off the soil on your garden tools and clean them.  Repair barnyard fencing and gates.  If your root cellar needs cleaning, sweep or wash the shelving, walls and floor.  Mulch garden beds and pathways. 

On Thursday, the waning Moon is still in Gemini but the descending forces are stronger.  The Moon remains in Gemini until 6pm EST on Friday.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 6-8, 2020

After 6pm EST on Friday, the waning Moon has progressed into Cancer (leaf) with descending forces.  The air and day quality is damp and wet.  Water your houseplants.  Continue cleaning barns and sheds.  Mow the lawn and save the clippings for mulch or compost.  Mulch the garden beds and paths. 

This is an unfavorable time to ferment, preserve, or store fruits and vegetables. 

Sunday, Monday, November 8-9, 2020

By 3pm EST, on Sunday, the waning Moon has moved into Leo (fruit) with descending forces.  The air and day quality is warmth.  This is a good time to prune fall-bearing raspberry bushes and plant fruit trees.  Be sure to add lots of compost, mulch and water to these young trees.  Plant garlic and mulch the bulbs with straw.  Preserve pears, apples and other fruits.  Repair fence posts.

 This weekly forecast is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom first set out by Rudolf Steiner and then elaborated on by Maria Thun.   Lorraine Schmid of Thyme Again Gardens has incorporated these teachings on her farm in South Eastern Ontario.   She offers these tips for improving plant quality and work-related efficiency in gardens and farms.   While these tips relate mostly to northern temperate climates, they have a more universal application.

by Rosemary Tayler and Lorraine Schmid

Copies of the 2020 Celestial Planting Calendar and a wide range of books on all aspects of farming and gardening can be purchased on-line at

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