Weekly Update, March 31, 2020

Lunar Look at the Coming Week from the Celestial Planting Calendar Team

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Gray day until 4pm.  Gray days are good for cleaning out barns.  Refreshing the straw.   Cleaning out the chicken coop preparing for summer .

Tuesday/Wednesday.  Moon in Gemini.  This brings a lot of light to all plants, especially flowers.  Suitable to plant fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes, where you want to save the seed.  Now is a good time to plant peppers indoors.  Also, suitable to plant bulbs, such as dahlia and cannas lilies, as the weather gets warm, they can be put outside later.  By May 24, the cannas lilies will be tall enough to act as a trellis for peas.

The moon ascending , a good time to plant to seeds that like grow into tall plants.  Gemini is good for that.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

10 to noon is a gray time (transition from Gemini to Cancer) always a good time to do paperwork.  Stay out of the garden.

Moon in Cancer (leaf day), the quality of dampness is prevalent even if it is sunny outside the ground is damp.  Do not step into the garden.  Walk along the pathways and weed what you can.

With moon ascending, the roots are not deep.  Dress warm as the air may feel damp.  This is a good time to water seedlings in the greenhouse.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Moon in Cancer.  Water is important because the Moon is moving into Leo the next day.

Saturday/Sunday.  Moon in Leo (fire/fruit).  This is a good time to seed the new lawn and plant food veggies, such as tomatillos and ground cherries, also flowers in the greenhouse.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Moon in Virgo after 10am.  Moon still ascending.  This is good for any kind of work in the garden – planting and transplanting.  Also good for heavy physical work as the body does not feel so tired.  Virgo usually brings cool days, so cover up the plants if needed.

This weekly forecast is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom, first set out by Rudolf Steiner and then elaborated on by Maria Thun.  Lorraine Schmid of Thyme Again Gardens has incorporated these teachings on her farm in South Eastern Ontario.  She offers the following tips for improving plant quality and work-related efficiency in gardens and farms.  While these tips relate mostly to northern temperate climates, they have a more universal application.

by Rosemary Tayler and Lorraine Schmid

Copies of the 2020 Celestial Planting Calendar can be purchased on-line at

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